I met CiCi a little over a year ago when I booked a cut and color at Ulta. My hair had not been professionally cut or colored in a long time. It wasn’t in the best of shape. CiCi transformed my hair immediately with a good cut and then I added keratin treatments and color after that. My hair was also getting broken off and thin. I can’t tell you how amazing my hair is now after a year. It grows faster than ever before and doesn’t break off. My cut is really nice and I never thought it could be like this. I highly recommend CiCi!

Terri S.

Where do I even start? My recent visit to the salon and my fantastic hair stylist, Cici, has left me completely amazed and incredibly thrilled! From the moment I stepped inside, I could sense that something extraordinary was in store. Let’s begin with the wonderful color and highlights – my hair has never displayed such vibrancy and vitality! The meticulous care taken, the way each individual strand was treated with the perfect fusion of hues, it’s as though my hair has awakened with an entirely new persona. The keratin treatment has worked wonders on my hair, turning it into a vision from my wildest dreams. It now boasts an unbelievably smooth texture, and I can’t resist constantly running my fingers through it. This treatment has breathed fresh vitality into my hair, resulting in a look of unprecedented health and radiance. The entire process was more than just a simple makeover; it felt like a journey of discovering myself anew and building my self-assurance. Walking around with my new appearance feels like floating on air, as if I’ve become the ultimate version of myself. This transformation surpasses mere appearance; it has uplifted my mood and bolstered my confidence in ways I could never have envisioned. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Cici for her remarkable work and dedication.

Sharma N.

She is both the most knowledgeable and talented stylist that has ever cut my hair. I didn’t realize all the things I was doing wrong. She even made my hair look good!

Jim H.

Cici is an incredibly talented stylist whom I’ve been following for years. As an American board-certified hair colorist, she does amazing color and color corrections. She is also skilled at seeing what her clients need (vs. what they think they want) and delivers consistently gorgeous hair EVERY time.

Katharine L.